Sing with Us!

Do you love to sing?  VIVA! welcomes new members and holds auditions periodically throughout the year:

For the 20th Anniversary Season – 2019/2020:  April 27 and June 1, 2019

Note: $25 Non-Refundable Audition Fee and Annual Tuition fees apply

To schedule an audition and for fees information, contact Kathryn at

April 15, 2019 is Bring a Friend to Choir Day/Open House and the Prep/Junior Orff Showcase. Singers interested in joining VIVA! are invited to attend this rehearsal at Trinity St. Paul’s Centre – 427 Bloor St. West.

Audition Information and Requirements

Please note that parents are welcome to join their young singers during their auditions.  Interested choristers will fill out an application form at the audition.  Families/singers may expect to hear from us within three weeks of the chorister’s audition.

There is a $25 non-refundable audition fee charged to all applicants.

Please remember that, more than anything, we are looking for children and adults who love to sing!

Through the TD Bank Group Inclusion Program,  VIVA! provides support for singers with disabilities.

Our Choirs

Preparatory Chorus (ages 4-6) offered since the year 2000

*Rehearses Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 4:45-5:45

Children will be asked to sing a song they enjoy, and to play some musical games with the conductor. This is a very informal audition, and is more appropriately considered an opportunity for the child and the Artistic Director to meet.

 Junior 1 and 2 Choirs (ages 7-10) offered since the year 2000

*Junior 1 Rehearses Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 4:45-5:45

*Junior 2 Rehearses Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 5PM to 6:15

Children should prepare an unaccompanied song which they know well (not a pop song), and sing “Row Your Boat” in round with the conductor. If the child studies an instrument, he or she should be prepared to perform one piece on that instrument for the audition. Children wishing to join the Junior Choirs should be able to sit attentively for the duration of rehearsals, and should be able to tone match. Choristers are expected to attend the Fall Camp.

Main Chorus (ages 9-16) offered since the year 2000

*Rehearses Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 5:15- 7 PM

Young people should prepare an unaccompanied song that shows the quality of her/his voice (not a pop song). Since they will be asked to perform some simple sight-singing and rhythmic reading, a basic knowledge of theory is essential.  Singers must demonstrate the ability to hold a harmony part and should be prepared to play one piece on an instrument if they are presently taking lessons.  Choristers are expected to attend the Fall Camp.  This is VIVA’s touring choir.

The TD Bank Group Inclusion Program and

ECS – Everyone Can Sing Chorus – offered since the year 2010

*ECS rehearses Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, 7:30-8:45

Singers with disabilities are invited to audition for VIVA!’s TD Bank Group Inclusion Program. Some singers will be placed in ECS and others will be accommodated with a dedicated Teaching Assistant in other choirs.  Members’ needs will be implemented with an individual learning plan, with a one on one Teaching Assistant to support their needs.

Excellent repertoire and high musical standards with a sense of community and fun are at the heart of our   programming.

ECS core members will be asked to sing a song they enjoy and to sing a few vocal exercises with the conductor. The singer does not need a strong musical background, although he or she should be able to match pitch. If she/he plays another musical instrument, he or she is welcome to play a short piece on that instrument as well. Parents or caregivers should be available to discuss their singer’s abilities and needs with the conductor and staff at the time of the audition. Those auditioning should be very eager to sing with others, and to persevere with the routine of weekly rehearsals.

Community Choir

*Rehearses Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, 7:30-8:45

VIVA! Community Choir is a non-auditioned SATB Choir for young adults to retirees. VIVA! Parents and VIVA! staff are welcome. Excellent repertoire and high musical standards with a sense of community and fun are at the heart of our programming.

Singers do not need a strong musical background, but should be able to match pitch.

      Chamber Choir offered since the year 2005

*Rehearses Sunday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, 2-3:30

The Chamber Choir is composed of experienced singers who read music, blend well with other singers, and sing in tune.  Singers are offered concerts on a project basis.  Many of these singers work in our Choral Mentoring and Leadership Program, though involvement is not required.

Choral Mentoring and Leadership Program offered since the year 2000

Singers in Senior High School and University can apply for a unique opportunity to work with and teach VIVA!’s younger choirs and to acquire pedagogical skills.  Application forms available by emailing

Expectations for Time Committment

Please note that membership in VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto requires a similar time commitment to studying an instrument.  The amount of time required varies with the time of year and with the choir in which the chorister is singing.  Please note that we do not consider a family’s commitment to enroll their child in VIVA! Youth Singers to be casual: singers are expected to attend rehearsals regularly and complete all homework as it is assigned.

Leaving the Choir

Any chorister resigning at any time for any reason must complete an official VIVA! Youth Singers Resignation Form. We rely on registration fees to maintain the high-quality programming for which we have become known. With that in mind, refunds on registration fees are generally not available. For complete information, please see the refund policy as stated in the Choir Handbook or contact the General Manager.

      Work with VIVA!

We are always growing our team and accept Teaching Assistants, Accompanists and  administrative support   throughout the year.  To inquire, please call our manager at 416-788-8482 or submit your resume to

Read Our Parent Testimonials

Our daughter has richly benefitted from VIVA! The choir and its wonderful instructors magically balance pleasure in making music within a highly disciplined environment with ambitious deadlines. It always gives me so much joy to witness the hugely diverse group of VIVA singers glowing happily on stage at each VIVA! performance. – Eve Egoyan, Pianist

Both of my children have grown up with VIVA! It has been an incredible experience for them singing from kindergarten throughout high school. Their musicianship was nurtured and developed over the last 10 years as they moved up through the various levels of choirs. We have had the opportunity to travel to England and Greece to perform in international vocal competitions and community concerts. We appreciate the high quality of teaching and performance opportunities in this friendly and supportive musical environment. – Maria Riedstra, Head of Music, Rosedale Heights School of the Arts, TDSB

VIVA! has been a tremendous experience for my boys. Over the years they have morphed from squirmy little boys who love music into joyfully serious choristers who can read music, focus on a conductor, and sing in beautiful harmony. I am so grateful that VIVA! staff have an endless patience with and love for my children; we are so pleased and proud to be a part of such an inclusive and excitingly challenging musical environment! – Michelle DeBraux, Head of Guidance and Student Services, TDSB

Our twin daughters have been involved in VIVA for three consecutive years. They began as members of the Preparatory Chorus with Susan Suchard and are now in their first year as Junior Chorus members with Laura Menard.

We have watched them grow through their involvement with VIVA – both socially and musically. VIVA has not only exposed them to an incredible range of music, but taught them the fundamental elements of musical literacy and theory. Their piano and violin teachers have been impressed by the ease with which they have picked up and progressed in learning instrumental music and we attribute this to VIVA. In addition, involvement in VIVA has taught our daughters discipline – an essential skill in learning within any environment.

However, perhaps most importantly, VIVA has drawn our daughters into a community of friends with whom they have experienced the joy that music – and singing, in particular – brings to our lives. – Karen Wolfe, English Teacher, North Toronto C.I., TDSB