*All Choirs offer support for youth with disabilities.

Preparatory Chorus

*Rehearsals are held Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 4:45-5:45

Children 4-6 years old will explore the elements of music and notation through games, songs, and related activities. Good vocal production is emphasized. The discipline of choral singing and related aspects of performance are gently introduced.

Junior Chorus

*Rehearsals are held Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 4:45-6:00

Children ages 6 and up are taught to sing musically and with a beautiful singing tone. Theory and sight-singing will complement the varied repertoire, which includes numerous musical styles and languages. Private vocal coaching is provided throughout the year. The discipline and teamwork essential to choral singing will be reinforced in a supportive environment. No previous choral/musical experience is required.

Main Chorus

*Rehearsals are held Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 5:30-7:30

Children and youth ages 10 and up sing advanced repertoire and are prepared to sing in professional engagements and our in-house concerts. These young singers demonstrate a well-developed singing tone, an ability to sing in harmony, and an ability to read music. Excellent deportment, and focus, and a mature approach are required. Singers require previous musical experience.

ECS Chorus:  Entry-level Training Choir

*Rehearsals are held Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, 7:30 to 8:45

ECS is an entry-level training choir for youth ages 10 and up, with the potential for partial or full integration into the Main Choruses.  No previous musical skills or training are required to join.  Choir direction is flexible, based on the abilities and needs of the choristers.   Singing tone, high quality repertoire, and a theory program using Young Singers Journey books are taught.

VIVA! Community Choir

*Rehearsals are held Monday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre, 7:30 to 8:45

Our vision is to have a large and diverse group of singers making music together. We hope that the group would bring together people of all ages and backgrounds to embody what the name of this choir suggests! Join Carol Woodward Ratzlaff and Brad Ratzlaff and the ECS chorus for a period of rehearsals culminating in a performance. Open to singers of all levels from the age of 12 and up. No formal experience necessary. This is a non-auditioned group.

VIVA! VOICES Chamber Choir

*Rehearsals are held Sunday at Trinity-St. Paul’s Centre 2:00-3:30

Founded in the fall of 2005, the SATB Chamber Choir is for experienced singers ages 15 and up who are looking to perform major choral works with orchestra on a project-by-project basis. Singers in this group must be literate musicians, and practice good vocal production. Mentoring relationships grow out of this choir: it is the basis for our Choral Mentoring and Leadership Program; voice teachers, vocal coaches and teaching assistants are drawn from this group to work with the three younger choirs. Boys younger than 15 whose voices have changed may also audition.


Choral Mentoring and Leadership Program

This unique program is for senior high school and university students with an interest in teaching and working with the children and youth of VIVA! in order to develop leadership and pedagogical skills.  CMLP students work closely with one of VIVA!’s choirs for the season.  This program is best suited to students with an interest in becoming teachers, and offers opportunities for receiving regular feedback from, and teaching opportunities with VIVA!’s Artistic Staff.

TD Bank Group Inclusion Program

VIVA Inclusion Brochure | VIVA Inclusion Video

Established in January 2010 with generous assistance from Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, VIVA!’s Inclusion Program provides support for youth who have needs which affect their ability to thrive in any area of their choral experience.  Support is determined on an individual basis by the Inclusion Coordinator and the chorister’s Conductor.  Needs of choristers in the Inclusion Program tend to emerge from disabilities typical to any school environment, e.g., Autism, Downs Syndrome, ADHD, Learning Disabilities, and any other physical or intellectual disabilities. Sponsored as of 2016-17 by TD Bank Group.

Bursary Program

VIVA! offers a limited number of bursaries to singers each year. Families who can demonstrate financial need should apply by July 15 each year.