MAIN Chorus repertoire for Sat. Nov. 23 Concert, The World in a City.  [Reminder: Dress Rehearsal is Friday, Nov. 22]

Wildflower, Ai Hai Yo, Lo Yisa Goy, Wau Bulan, Sisi ni Moja

These 5 pieces should now be thoroughly memorized.  You are working hard and are now in the polishing stage.   Remember, knowing notes, rhythms and your words is only the beginning of learning to sing a piece. We now move to more expressive components.

Please review the following passages:

Wildflower – Practice using and preparing your body for an open and grounded sound.  Walk and sing, stepping on the half note beat.  Resource for practice:  attached sound file

Wildflower Chant (processional)

Ai Hai Yo – Your tone and phrasing is beautiful on the parts where you are confident.  However, memory on pages 4 and 6 is weak, and our singing is less good there.  Compare measure 23 solfege, measure 42 solfege, and measure 58. Focus mostly on pages 4 and 6. Resource for practice: soundfile, Oct. 21 posting

Sisi ni moja –  Lovely tone in forte sections.  Practice the bottom of Page 11 and Page 12 at piano dynamic, retaining your tall tone and beautiful sound.  This will be a fun way to end the concert! Resource for practice: rhythm, Oct. 21 posting

Wau Bulan – Review the following daily: sing it without movement, view the choreography videos, then sing with the choreo.  Resources for practice: choreography, Oct. 28 post; soundfile Sept. 23 post

Lo Yisa Goy – Sing through this once daily before next Monday, remaining aware of the repeats.  Resource for practice: soundfile for Sept. 23 posting

You should touch on these each day starting Tuesday, Nov. 5.  Let’s invest ourselves to be expressive and committed to the music, and to each other.  Have a great week.