For Nov. 23, The World in a City, you will be performing the following songs.  [Reminder: dress rehearsal is Friday, Nov. 22.]


Your memory work for this is listed on the Oct. 28 post.  I have altered it to reflect the changes Amy has made.  Each of you has 2 of the 3 verses to memorize.  This should be done for next rehearsal on the 11th.

Wildflower Chant

Next week we will move and sing this to a steady beat.  Ensure you are confident about your memory, and where the rests occur.  Practice with the following soundfile:

Wildflower Chant (processional)

12 UN Rights of the Child

Amazing work here!  Please practice speaking the rights in bold font, after the words: “The right”. The text is attached here; I will also email it for your convenience.  Choral speaking is so moving!

UN Rights of the Child


Looking ahead to Dec. 15 Carol service, here is the Christmas version of Greensleeves.  Begin to sing with these words as well.  Memorization at a later date!

What Child is This?

All the best with your singing work, and have a healthy week!