Hi Singers,

You did great work at camp.  Thanks for a good rehearsal on Monday night as well.  You will notice that soundfiles are posted for rehearsal purposes only after you have had an opportunity to learn the notes yourself.  (Literacy first!)

Please keep up with your theory, practice your sight singing packages, and review your singing:

  1. Practice Lo Yisa Goy and review your memory.  Check dynamic markings. Remember that soundfiles are still up from September if you want to sing along.
  2. We will not be using the score to rehearse Wau Bulan as you are focussed on the choreo.  Memorization date: Monday, Oct. 28. Laura will be posting videos of choreo here

     3. Ai Hai Yo should be memorized for Monday, Oct. 28.  Review pages 6 and 7.  Be sure to sing with          solfege once; then in English and Mandarin.  This has come a long way in a short time.

Ai Hai Yo Sop

Ai Hai Yo Alto

4. Sisi ni moja  needs review with solfege to ensure you are solid with parts.  I am posting rhythm and text only; you can figure out the melody yourself by reading your solfege. Memory target: Nov. 4 rehearsal.


Have a good week!