Happy Turkey (or Vegan Options) Day . Be grateful!

Here is the work to complete before camp:

  1.  Do your theory homework and corrections from last week.
  2. Memorize Lo Yisa Goy by camp in a conscious manner.  This means you will know when you get to the final page after all the repeats.  And this means sitting down with the score in front of you.
  3. Ai Hai Yo Sing your own part through with solfege as we did together.  There are some tricky leaps.  Be sure to give yourself the C doh first; then find your starting note.
  4. Review Wildflower, our Indigenous chant. Consider some of the healthy belt voice we were using to sing this on Monday.  (Review the term timbre.)
  5. Prepare our new piece Sisi ni Moja, introduced by Louise on Monday, Oct. 7.  Do the following for camp:  Complete all solfege for your own part in E doh and insert 4 rhythmic strokes per measure in the right place to indicate where the beats occur.  Do what you can as some of this might be challenging.  The rhythms notated here are fun, but tricky.  Do your best with the rhythm and we will check it at camp.  You should be fine to do all the solfege.
  6. Continue to practice your sight singing sheets.  You have 2 packages with sight singing Gr. 1-4.

This is alot of work.  Bring your questions.  Fall assessments will be done at camp.  Bring all your music and your sight singing packages. Stay well.  We are looking forward to CAMP!!