for Monday, Oct. 28:

Please bring an instrument if you have one.  If not, we will have some options for you.  Instruments will be used in Greensleeves and in the UN Rights of the Child.

  1. Continue to review Freedom Trilogy (Hallelujah, Pelotsorona) from previous post.  This is sounding good.

2. Greensleeves verses summary.  Memorize your verse:

Verse 1: ALL treble singers in Row 1: Valerie, Alex, Rebecca, Misia, Mara, Carol, Noémie, Sarah

Verse 2: ALL second and third rows

Instrumental Verse performed by ensemble


Everyone should practice and memorize the Chorus portion which repeats, starting with ‘Greensleeves was all my joy….’  Keep in mind the dynamic contrasts which Amy indicated at rehearsal.

3. Beethoven Mass in C:  Gloria

Here is a recording of me singing the Alto part and the Bass part to give you a tool for review.

Alto (all women) ECS Gloria by Beethoven pages 15-21

ECS Bass Gloria by Beethoven Pages 15-21

I will post choir recordings in next couple of weeks, once we know it better.  This one will be MORE helpful as it will give your entries context.

Have a good week!