Alexa began vocal coaching on Sept. 30.  She will answer your questions and let me know how you are keeping up with the work posted here:

  1. You have received new Gr. 1-4  sight singing sheets to practice before your assessment.  These are dated 9/30.  Ensure that your pages are solfeged for next Monday.
  2. By now, all parents should have seen our Assessment Form and signed.  Thank you for returning.
  3. Lo Yisa Goy Begin to memorize your part, with correct pronunciation of text.   Memorization target date: By camp, we should not be using copies.  Note: the pronunciation of ‘ch’ as Laura noted several times in rehearsal.  Mark this in your score if you need to.
  4. Ai Hai Yo All of this piece should now be solfeged.  Begin to sing your own part on pages 5 to 7 with solfege.  Soundfiles will be provided once you have had a chance to sight sing independently.
  5. Wildflower Indigenous Chant:  We learned this for the first time on Sept 30.  Can you read the music yourself to remember how it goes?  Try it independently.  A Welcome Song in procession!
  6. Next week: Sisi ni Moja Working ahead: What key are we in?  Begin the solfege for your part in light pencil.

Have a good week!