Practice 15 minutes daily.  Download a keyboard app to give yourself a starting note if you do not have a piano. Some of this time should be on the sight singing pages.

  1. Review Lo Yisa Goy.  Sing to solfege.  Correct your solfege to ensure you are in F doh.  Now practice with the text as well.  At Monday rehearsal you sang this well in 2 parts.
  2. Sing our new piece,  Wau Bulan, to solfege D doh, completed at rehearsal.
  3. Practice your sight singing pages.  Which grade are you sight singing?  Begin at Grade 1 and go as far as you can.  How do you learn to read music?  By reading music.
  4. On September 22, bring your Assessment Form back with your parent’s signature and the Sight Singing pages.

Keep your voice healthy.  Avoid misusing it at sporting events or concerts.  Stay hydrated.