Sing and listen to your soundfiles each day.  Short, frequent practice is more helpful than one long session.  All the best with your practicing!

  1. Practice Freedom Trilogy parts, Pages 2-5:

Hallelujah, Pelotsorona; Siyahamba

Sorry, men for the fuzzy recording quality, but the notes are there and Lizzie is playing along.  Baritone:

ECSBaritone part – Hallelujah, Siyahamba


ECSSopranopart – Hallelujah, Siyahamba

2. Begin to learn the words for the old secular English song, Greensleeves. What does the word ‘secular’ mean? It means non-religious; the opposite of sacred.  This is a very old song – almost 500 years old!

To begin, everyone will learn the melody.  Baritones, sing it in your own lower range!

ECS – Greensleeves (melody)