Rehearse the following:

  1. You’ve Got a Friend, melody line only at all times

      2. You Will Be Found

It is time to memorize this; a challenging task.  This awareness of structure will help in memorization.  Soundfiles are added here for your convenience; originally issued in January.


Verse 1 Page 2, m. 4

Verse 2 Page 10, m. 52


Page 5, m. 22; Page 11, m. 60


Page 6, m. 27; Page 12, m. 67;  Page 17, m. 95


Page 14, m. 79

Sop 1 You will be Found

Sop 2 You will be Found

Alto You will be Found

3. Continue to practice Calypso, Allunde, and Akai Hana with choreography!

4. Ensure you are caught up with your online theory.  Pitch focus includes Chapters 4, 6, 7.  Diagnostics for this term will be May 6, so the long weekend is an ideal time to catch up and review.    Glad to see some  have reached out for some support.  Good luck!

See you on April 29.