Homework for Monday, March 25 and April 1

Thanks for your work.  This will be fun!

  1.  Review Gee, I’m Glad words and melody without choreo once per day.
  2. Review Gee, I’m Glad choreography for both verses with the videos.  I have emailed the files directly to you as I am having difficulty uploading due to size.
  3. Memorize Allunde for March 25.

Clarity for Saturday, April 6 Junior Treble Festival:

Solo Repertoire (2 only)

Allunde, Alluya

SOP Allunde Alluya 1

ALTO Allunde Alluya

Gee, I’m Glad (video of choreography sent by email; too large to post)

Joint Repertoire, chosen by Guest Clinician C. Grases (3 pieces)


SOP 1-Calypso

SOP 2-Calypso

ALTO 1-Calypso

ALTO 2-Calypso

Akai, Hana

Sop 1 Akai Hana

Sop 2 Akai Hana

Alto Akai Hana


SOP Elefantea

ALTO Elefantea