There are 5 pieces to practice for Monday, Feb. 25.  The first 2 were newly introduced on Feb. 11.  Kindly review the other 3.  Happy family day to all of you!

Feedback from theory diagnostics will be provided on Feb. 25

Senior treble only:  solfege for Sister Song by Sarah Quartel should be complete.

For all Main Chorus singers:

  1. Memory work:  Gee, I’m Glad I’m no one else but Me from Anne of Green Gables

Learn this unison, fun piece by memory.  You received and learned it Feb. 11.  We will be using some choreography, so need to be ‘off book’ already on Mon Feb 25.

2. Also new material to review:  Allunde Alluya as introduced Feb. 11

TRANSLATION: O God of the sunrise, Protect this child. 

Help the infant to grow and become a worthy member of our tribe.

Here is a recording for practice purposes:

Here is a recording of a full performance with some lovely choreography:


3. Practice your part for Calypso and begin to memorize the structure due to repetitive nature.  Parts were previously posted.  Here is a recording up to tempo:

4. Review your part for You Will be Found.  Parts were previously posted. Due to its more soloistic nature, it is challenging to sing well in a group.  We will need to work on the blend and ensembling issues in this piece.

5. Akai Hana is a piece you have already learned to solfege.  Try it with the transliteration indicated.  That is to say, pronounce the words as they appear in your score.  Sing along with the recording below.