We can stay on track despite missing Jan. 28 rehearsal.  Please prepare this for next rehearsal, Mon. Feb.  4.

A. You Will be Found from Dear Evan Hansen

  1. Name the keys.  It starts in one key, and then modulates to 3 flats on page 9.  Write in your solfege for the entire song, for your OWN PART ONLY.  The choral part begins on page 5.
  2. Notice that many of the rhythms you have been studying in Chapter 5 of breezin’ appear in this piece.
  3. Learn your own part (soundfiles below). It is a 3 part split.  Notice the solos which open the song, and which reappear throughout.
  4.  Singing a song with so many syncopations is very challenging to keep together.  Be sure to learn rhythm and pitch accurately.

Sop 1 You will be Found

Sop 2 You will be Found

Alto You will be Found

B. Akai Hana

(I still have your copies) I will not post soundfiles yet as we are using it for sight singing next week with the syllables you wrote in.

C.  Continue to practice Calypso and begin to memorize (files in previous post).

D. THEORY Rhythm Review

Chapters 3 and 5.  Need a challenge?  Go on to Chapter 13.

I will see many of you on Sat. Feb 2 at 1pm.  BYOD . BYOC.

(bring your own device.  bring your own cup)