In our Literacy sessions this week, J1 singers reviewed writing in counts with rhythms from our new songs, and learned about the concept of syncopation. In J2 literacy, singers worked on matching rhythms to “Make New Friends.” Both groups learned a new canon, “Hello, Good Friends,” to sing during Buddy Time.

In Buddy Time, singers from J1 paired up with singers from Main Chorus; and J2 paired up with singers from Prep. We got to know one another a little bit by sharing our favourite foods, what school we go to, and our favourite animal. We sang together, too! We will have Buddy Time throughout our second term as we get ready to sing songs about friendship at the May 25th concert.

With Adam, we reviewed some of the Orff work we began in the fall. We discussed what a melody is, and how we differentiate between a melody and a series of notes. Singers had an opportunity to work in small groups to begin experimenting with sounds – including on xylophones and auxiliary percussion instruments. Fun!

Junior 2 friends then worked with the Main Chorus to reinforce one of our songs for the Junior Treble Festival and for our own May 25th concert, “Calypso.” Practice tracks for “Calypso” have been emailed to all Junior families – next week, we’ll begin it with the J1s, too!